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Lisa Erickson in Clarinda, IA *****
Well I came back to get my 2nd puppy from Dragon fly toy puppies . I got Izzy Belle 6lb female Maltipoo . She is the sweetest baby with an awesome personality . Very one is so in love with her ! She is 4 yrs old now . It’s been an amazing 4 yrs with her . I look forward to many more years with this lil blessing . You definitely can’t go wrong getting your new baby from Dragonfly toy puppies .
Lisa Erickson in Clarinda, IA *****
I got my female red toy poodle from Charmaine 5 yrs ago . She has been a joy and blessing to our family . She is smart ,funny and has a mind of her own . She is so sweet and loves everyone . We love her so much . I recommend getting a puppy from Dragonfly toy puppies 100%Charmaine is easy to work with , she keeps you updated on your puppy and sends photos . They are raised in a home environment, socialized and kept healthy .
Lisa in Aransas Pass, TX *****
I got my female Phantom toy poodle from Charmaine over a year ago. She is so beautiful, sweet and loves people!
Sarah in Springfield, MO *****
My parents got their new baby Flynn from Char in January. She was very kind to let me meet his parents and check out her place. It was very clean and every dog was impeccably cared for. She also took time to go over her vetting process, the vet checkup they go through before they head to their forever homes. Flynn is happy, healthy, and giving my parents so much joy. If we were to buy another puppy, we would defiantly reach out.
Janet in Thomasville, GA *****
I got my little boy from Charmaine and could not be happier. He has the best personality and he loves everyone. Whenever buyers come to look at pups, they just love him and hope the offsprings are just as personable. You can't go wrong with a pup from Dragon Fly.
Beth in St. Louis, MO *****
We are so in love with our black toy poodle from Dragonfly Toy Poodles. He is sweet, smart, adorable, and such an amazing addition to our family.
Sherry in Willis, TX *****
I got Bella Marie from Char 3 years ago. She is a beautiful 5 lb black poodle. She has been the joy of our lives ever since. I heartily recommend dragonfly toy poodles for beautiful and well behaved puppies.
Denise in Imperial, MO *****
Our sweet boy Charlie was born in August of 2018. He is so smart and loves to play ball. We definitely recommend Dragonfly!
Terwrin in Champaign, IL *****
We bought our standard poodle, Harper, from Dragonfly 1 year ago. She is the sweetest smartest dog I have ever owned. I Got my first standard poodle 2 years ago and fell in love with the breed. I decided my male needed a pal so we got Harper. Harper and Huxley are the best of friends. I loved my male Huxley but Harper has brought a whole new dynamic. Her personality is one of a kind. I don’t think I will ever own another breed of dog, that’s for sure!
Stacie in Saltillo, MS *****
We searched high and low for the right breeder until we found Char. Our sweet Lady Cuddle Bear is what I like to call “Pure Poodle Perfection”. She’s an absolute joy to everyone she comes in contact with... she’s sweet,funny, rotten, and beautiful! From day one you could tell she was well adjusted, socialized, and family.
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Yes, Ma'am. Miss Molly Kathleen is now two years old this month and is the best dog we've ever had. I say "dog" loosely because she is so much more She's adorable, intelligent, energetic and a wonderful companion. A friend. <3